Ensuring frozen food safety and optimizing operations

For a quick service restaurant

The Outcome

Client was able to ensure frozen raw materials delivery to store at appropriate temperature and optimize TAT of truck in warehouse and store.

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • TagHub GO gateway with temperature and light sensing sent along with every shipment
  • TagHub FX gateway installed in warehouse docks
Insight and foresight
  • Real-time temperature compliance notifications
  • Root cause of temperature excursions like vehicle door open in unauthorized locations
  • Route adherence notifications
  • Truck TAT (entry, parking, dock load, dispatch) in warehouse
AI-driven actions
  • Advanced shipping notifications to store
Key benefits
  • Expected 15-25% improvement in temperature compliance
  • Expected 40% improvement in on-time performance for store delivery
  • Expected 60%+ improvement in TAT of trucks in warehouse