Improve last-mile delivery visibility and quality

For a dairy manufacturer

The Outcome

Client was able to get 100% visibility into cold chain quality and on-time performance for last-mile retail store delivery

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag360 MX sensor (temperature, shock, light) installed in select crates
  • TagHub GO gateway installed in last mile trucks
  • TagHub FX installed in plant and hubs
Insight and foresight
  • Temperature compliance views across routes
  • Root cause of temperature excursions in last mile
  • Route planning for minimizing the risk of delays and temperature excursions
  • KPIs like mishandling, vehicle door open, SKU loading accuracy
  • Missing crates identification
AI-driven actions
  • SmartLoad application to ensure accurate crate loading based on route
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications for retailers
Key benefits
  • ~70% reduction in temperature excursions
  • 40-50% reduction in delays and planning bottlenecks
  • Improvement in logistics partner compliance and performance
  • 40% reduction in retailer goods mismatch