Improve kitchen quality and cold chain asset health

For a cloud-kitchen company

The Outcome

We stepped in to transform cold chain asset health management, enhance supplier quality control and improve kitchen SOP compliance to ensure better food safety.

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag360-1X (temperature) in all freezers and chillers
  • Tag360-P1X probe sensor in all bain-maries and pans
  • Tag360-PROX probe sensor for inward supplier material quality inspection
  • Tag360-EM energy monitor for all electrical assets
  • TagHub-FX gateway: 1 to 2 per kitchen
Insight and foresight
  • Temperature compliance and energy consumption dashboard
  • Root cause analysis of temperature excursions
  • Asset performance analytics and spoilage correlation
  • Supplier quality benchmarking and performance management
AI-driven actions
  • Temperature, door open, and energy spike alerts
  • Supplier batch acceptance/rejection
Key benefits
  • 80% consistent SOP compliance for kitchen quality
  • 40% improvement in temperature compliance across kitchens and assets
  • Identification of cold chain assets with low performance and high risk of failure
  • Reduced variability in product quality from suppliers