Improve last-mile temperature compliance and inventory management

For an e-commerce grocery store

The Outcome

Our solution made positive impact on client’s end-customer satisfaction scores, improved order quality and reduced cold chain asset loss.

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag3601X (temperature) in client’s cold box
  • TagHub-FX in all warehouses and hubs
  • TagLink App on all delivery personnel’s phone
Insight and foresight
  • Real-time temperature compliance and traceability of every order
  • Prediction of temperature excursion risk within 30 minutes of order packing
  • Cold box inventory management and missing box reporting
AI-driven actions
  • Order dispatch acceptance or rejection based on excursion risk
Key benefits
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 2X improvement in temperature compliance
  • 30% reduction in cold box loss