Reduce appliance damage and improve operational efficiency

For an e-commerce retailer

The Outcome

We helped the client create a lane-specific damage reduction plan based on shock profiles across first, middle and last mile for heavy appliance shipments

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag360 1X sensor (shock) placed on select categories of appliances
  • TagHub GO gateway sent along with the shipments
  • TagHub FX installed in warehouses and hubs for dispatch and arrival handshakes
Insight and foresight
  • Shock baselines of loading/unloading/transit for the SKU-lane combination
  • Identification of “above-average” shock points across lane-legs
  • Correlation with actual damage
  • Operational efficiency KPIs benchmarking across facilities
AI-driven actions
  • Design of experiment and hypothesis testing for specific actions (Ex. Packaging)
Key benefits
  • Expected 30% reduction in product damage based on Packaging and SOP improvements
  • Expected 20% improvement supply chain efficiency due to changes in dispatch and receiving workflows based on insights around dock-dwell time, loading time and unloading time across facilities