Reduce glass breakage, contamination and stains in supply chain

For a speciality glass manufacturer

The Outcome

Client was able to improve quality assurance process because of real-time prediction of damage, contamination and stain risk for each glass shipment

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag360 MX sensor (vibrations, temperature, humidity and light) placed on each crate (about 7 per container)
  • TagHub GO gateway is securely placed on one of the crates. It collects sensor data and GPS location and sends to cloud real-time via cellular network
  • TagHub FX installed in plants and warehouses for dispatch and arrival handshakes
Insight and foresight
  • Shock, temperature and humidity variations across loading, unloading and transit, including ports
  • Correlation with damage, contamination and stains
  • Logistics delays, their root cause and ETA prediction
  • Product shock profile based on handling by warehouse staff and equipment
AI-driven actions
  • Contextualized QA at destination based on defect risk
  • Intelligent mode selection based on predicted defect risk at plant
Key benefits
  • 25% reduction in Material Surface Loss (MSL) which includes all product defects during transit
  • Multiple packaging and transit mode selection experiments to create proactive supply chain plan
  • Warehouse process modifications to reduce handling shocks