Reduce product damage claims from dealers

For a large automotive manufacturer

The Outcome

We designed experiments to determine root cause of finished vehicles damage during loading at plant, in-transit and unloading at dealers.

Our solutions

Real-time sensing
  • Tag360 1X (shock) sensor mounted on each finished vehicle
  • TagHub GO for real-time shipment monitoring
  • Taglink mobile app for data transfer at destination, as needed
Insight and foresight
  • Supply chain shock profile across legs
  • Shock baselines for loading, in-transit and unloading
  • Correlation of ‘above-average’ shock with actual damage
AI-driven actions
  • Packaging experiments to determine best results
Key benefits
  • Change in packaging to maximize shock absorption
  • Performance review of truckers with above average speed, hard turns and shock
  • Multiple process fixes, example – standardization of clamp tightening to secure vehicles in trucks
  • Reduction in dealer claims by 15%