Real-time monitoring for
Covid-19 vaccine distribution

Covid-19 vaccine distribution is going to be an unprecedented exercise in human history.

As each country gears up for this, many new challenges need to be faced and overcome to achieve the goal of community immunity.

Never seen before Scale
and Speed

Theft, Pilferage and
Counterfeiting risk

Temperature compliance, especially for sub-zero needs

Logistics planning considering
multiple hand-offs

JIT vaccine stock management

Inventory management of last mile vaccine carriers

Existing processes and technology solutions such as passive dataloggers
will fall short in meeting the real-time monitoring requirements of Covid-19
vaccine distribution.

Fortunately, TagBox’s BoxLensTM platform can help!

How it works

Just 3 simple steps!

Drop a Tag360 sensor
into vaccine shipper

Map with TagSync app
and ship

View shipment live on
BoxLensTM platform