Real-time Social Distance Monitoring and Contact Tracing in the workplace

The world is going through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has already impacted businesses significantly. Without proper Contact Tracing information in the event of a few employees testing positive for Covid-19, businesses could face multiple risks.

Employee health and
safety risk

Site down-time for
sanitization, impacting
production and revenue

Labour shortage until
Covid-19 testing of a large
employee base is carried out

Organizational resources spent
in managing authorities

Social distancing, contact tracing, and proactive monitoring seem to be the only solution.

Organizations can no longer have an inward-looking view of safety and quality. Employee Health & Safety needs to evolve to include upstream and downstream partners and customers also. For the safety of all the parties in the supply chain, individuals and their interactions with the ecosystem needs to be monitored and managed.

Seems a daunting task? Fortunately, TagBox’s contact tracing technology can help!

How it works

All it takes is 4 simple steps!

Employees without smartphones
(including contract employees
and visitors) are monitored
with Tag360 ID tags

Employees with
smartphones install
TagLink app

Equipment to be
monitored are tagged
with TagHop sensor

Virtual zones are created in the facility with TagHub gateway

Local site supervisors, Employee Health & Safety teams, and corporate executives can view EHS compliance in each facility real-time on TagBox’s BoxLensTM platform!

Real-time social distancing alarms and hotspots

Contact tracing of personnel and equipment

Mask and PPE compliance records

Digital attendance and temperature recording

Employee count and time spent in each zone

Designated zone compliance alarms